Who we are

Standard Mapping Services was founded in 1987 by Glenn Schurr. Since our inception, we have strived to provide highly detailed and accurate maps to the modern mariner by utilizing the most current technologies.

What we do

We produce and publish high quality, full color, laminated photo maps. If you are interested in establishing a business account, please email us at info@standardmap.com, or call 985.898.0025.

Why we are the best

Many charts are difficult to read, and are based on data collected as far back as the 1930's. We are committed to providing beautifully detailed maps that are easy to read and contain convenient, easy to use, GPS coordinates. Our maps are based on the most current sources and information from local navigators.

Our chief goal is to provide quality service to the modern mariner.

Here you see a boat on the GPS screen moving through what appears to be land on many charts. Our maps indicate waterways and many other features not shown on other charts. The time and fuel saved in this example more than offsets the cost of the map.


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